Traversin' the Verse

Duds and Suds

The crew, while puttering around in the system, receive a wave from an Abbey in Lennox (Kalidasa System, the moon orbiting Salsbury on the outer orbit of that system) from the Tao te Christo Unified Church.

They need some help and indicate that they were referred by a friend. The message doesn’t say much more. So they head toward the Kalidasa system, full steam ahead.

It just so happens that the crew was headed to Kalidasa anyway, given that they had some unfinished business from a previous job and had to head to Isabel (orbiting Zeus).

On the way, it’s not so much as they run afoul of an Alliance patrol cruiser as it is that they simply get noticed. There’s not too much of a delay when it’s all said and done. They tell the Alliance that they are headed to the Lennox Abbey.

Once they arrive in the system, they make it straight for Isabel to drop off the notes. The drop-off in the port city of Diana goes remarkably smoothly, thanks in no small part to Annie’s smile and charm. Before they know it, the crew is off to Lennox to see what’s up. Meanwhile, their account is boosted with a handsome reward of seven thousand credits for the work.

While finding the abbey isn’t much of a problem, getting into atmo does seem to cause Annie a bit of trouble, as she’s still going supersonic when they get close to town.

Brother Thomas shows them around the brewery and the crew marvel with ooh’s and aah’s at the giant, shiny tanks of ale.

Finally, Father Andrew is able to receive them. He tells them that he was given the name of the crew from a Abbot Gerald on Bob, one of the recipients of the homesteading supplies that the crew helped send to that moon. May went on and on and on about the crew, particularly about its nice captain and suggested that they might be a good fit.

They find out that the Abbey’s been having problems with someone muscling in on their alcohol business. They’ve been brewing beer and spirits for over 1500 years. Every single shipment they’ve sent out to Newhall has been hijacked between Djinn’s Bane and Zeus.

The abbey uses a pair of Baumstark cruisers to ferry the product to Newhall. They’re a bit slower than your usual Baumstark, with no deep-burn engines, but for an intra-system transport, it does just fine. The ships are fine, but the brothers have come back rattled and disheartened after having the last few shipments taken at gunpoint.

Annie’s crew offers to take a shipment (which ends up being a half-capacity shipment) to Newhall on behalf of the abbey to see if they get followed or attacked. Father Andrew thanks them and the ship is loaded up and heads out.

And… they arrive safe and sound on Newhall. The reps from Dewar & Dewar are a bit surprised to see them, as they weren’t expecting the shipment (nobody sent word ahead). They take the goods and promise to send the abbey credit for the shipment.


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