The moon orbiting the outermost planet of the Kalidasa system. It’s neighboring planet is the inhospitable Djinn’s Bane (itself hosting six habitable moons of its own).

Lennox is host to a ‘Verse-famous abbey of the Tao te Christo Unified Church. Cerevisiae Abbey is known all over making ale, something it’s been doing for hundreds of years, tracing its tradition back to Earth-that-was.

Father Andrew is the head abbot, overseeing both the abbey’s spiritual and financial concerns. Brother Thomas is the abbey’s head brewer.

The abbey makes use of a pair of Baumstauk class Freighters to ship product out to Newhall, where it’s then received by their contract partner company Dewar & Dewar for distribution across the ’Verse.

Malted barley and hops are the planet’s major agricultural product and the abbey is the patron organization to the Briess University of Science, which is also on Lennox. The BUS draws students from all over to learn microbiology, virology, zymurgy and applied sciences.


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