Traversin' the Verse

Space Docked!
Duds and Suds

The crew, while puttering around in the system, receive a wave from an Abbey in Lennox (Kalidasa System, the moon orbiting Salsbury on the outer orbit of that system) from the Tao te Christo Unified Church.

They need some help and indicate that they were referred by a friend. The message doesn’t say much more. So they head toward the Kalidasa system, full steam ahead.

It just so happens that the crew was headed to Kalidasa anyway, given that they had some unfinished business from a previous job and had to head to Isabel (orbiting Zeus).

On the way, it’s not so much as they run afoul of an Alliance patrol cruiser as it is that they simply get noticed. There’s not too much of a delay when it’s all said and done. They tell the Alliance that they are headed to the Lennox Abbey.

Once they arrive in the system, they make it straight for Isabel to drop off the notes. The drop-off in the port city of Diana goes remarkably smoothly, thanks in no small part to Annie’s smile and charm. Before they know it, the crew is off to Lennox to see what’s up. Meanwhile, their account is boosted with a handsome reward of seven thousand credits for the work.

While finding the abbey isn’t much of a problem, getting into atmo does seem to cause Annie a bit of trouble, as she’s still going supersonic when they get close to town.

Brother Thomas shows them around the brewery and the crew marvel with ooh’s and aah’s at the giant, shiny tanks of ale.

Finally, Father Andrew is able to receive them. He tells them that he was given the name of the crew from a Abbot Gerald on Bob, one of the recipients of the homesteading supplies that the crew helped send to that moon. May went on and on and on about the crew, particularly about its nice captain and suggested that they might be a good fit.

They find out that the Abbey’s been having problems with someone muscling in on their alcohol business. They’ve been brewing beer and spirits for over 1500 years. Every single shipment they’ve sent out to Newhall has been hijacked between Djinn’s Bane and Zeus.

The abbey uses a pair of Baumstark cruisers to ferry the product to Newhall. They’re a bit slower than your usual Baumstark, with no deep-burn engines, but for an intra-system transport, it does just fine. The ships are fine, but the brothers have come back rattled and disheartened after having the last few shipments taken at gunpoint.

Annie’s crew offers to take a shipment (which ends up being a half-capacity shipment) to Newhall on behalf of the abbey to see if they get followed or attacked. Father Andrew thanks them and the ship is loaded up and heads out.

And… they arrive safe and sound on Newhall. The reps from Dewar & Dewar are a bit surprised to see them, as they weren’t expecting the shipment (nobody sent word ahead). They take the goods and promise to send the abbey credit for the shipment.

A Good Deed and a Hold Full of Seed

After leaving Hera, the crew heads for the distress signal near Three Hills and find that (after a bit of trouble with the scanners) that there’s a ship floating out in space near Bob (one of the three moons that orbit Three Hills). They dock successfully and are just about to explain their intention to help the ship get back to flying shape when Connor picks the wrong time to offer the stranded ship’s welcome wagon a soft bed while people make repairs.

So, after the shooting’s over and the ship’s captain’s daughter May helps calm things down, Kendra and the girl head to the engine room to sort things out and get everything set right. The problem is that Pogo class transports are little more than puddle jumpers. They don’t use the sort of engines Kendra’s used to fixing. In the process of trying to get things back in order, she manages to bust up her favorite spanner (1d6 complication). A bit of cursing and some extra elbow grease from May and the two ladies succeed in getting the engines back up and running.

Reg’s still a bit sore (literally and figuratively) from the firefight and after learning from Russel (the ship’s captain) that he was transporting fertilizer and plants from Three Hills to Bob as part of an order from several of the homesteads on the moon, he sulks off with Hugo to rummage through the ship, hoping to find something of value to make this whole mistake worth the while.

Reg confirms that Russ’s telling the truth. The cargo hold is full of horse shit and fruit tree saplings. He sulks off to the Duchess, convinced that the only thing worth anything on the tiny transport is the wad of Kalidasa monetary notes in his pockets. Hugo, however manages to rummage through Russ’s things while Annie and Connor keep the captain busy in the cockpit; he finds a half-consumed bottle of homemade whiskey, which he confronts Russel with, asking if he’s got any more.

When May bounds into the cockpit with Kendra and sees the look of shock and mild outrage on her father’s face; immediately she bursts out laughing. “I suppose it’s only fair and it’s really all we have to trade,” she says as she darts out of the cockpit. A beat later, she returns with a full, fresh bottle of what looks (and smells) like moonshine, which she hands to Hugo. He produces a small 5 credit note from his pocket (from the stash on Hera). She looks at the paper, which she’ll probably never get to use in person, and pockets it as she jumps into the pilot’s seat and starts the systems up for a descent down to Bob.

Annie and May and Russel have their goodbyes and as the crew releases the docking umbilical and makes for the Kalidasa system, they see the name of the small cargo transport as it dips down toward Bob.

“The Lorna-Lea”

Drifters and Grifters

As they enter the Georgia system, Reg uses his know-how with the ship’s systems to lock in on the signal, coming in loud and clear from Hera.

On the way to pick up the shipment, though, they receive a distress signal from the Three Hills system. They decide to let it be for now.

As they break into the atmosphere, Annie gets the Duchess on a trajectory that avoids local surface sensors and radar, but not the notice of some local settlement. Reg finds a canyon to hide the ship after some locals spot them.

Things don’t go so well when Hugo tries to get the shuttle fired up. In fact, he blows the engines on the main shuttle, rendering it inoperable until Kendra can have a few hours to dig in and set things right. The other shuttle isn’t really suited for rough terrain, but they manage to get it up and out of the canyon and over to the beacon site.

When they arrive, they find the wreck of the transport, its engines and wings having broken off as it crashed. Kendra’s still upset about the main shuttle’s state and for a spell, the rest of the crew stands there toe-tappin’ while she tries to get her knowledge about transport ships in place. Eventually she manages to get the cargo bay door open and, after an atmospheric blowout from the inside of the ship (something odd happened to the life support as best as Kendra can figure – like a sudden spike in air pressure), Hugo and Reg make it into the ship while Kendra and Annie wait for the locals to arrive outside.

The crates of foodstuffs are right there in the cargo bay, pristine and untouched with Blue Sun logos and “Rations” on the side in Chinese, despite the odd state of the ship. Reg pops one of the crates open and finds, as he expects, what appears to be packs of standard rations… except as he lifts one of the packs to inspect it, it finds wrapped bank notes for the Kalidasa system in each crate – about 4K per crate as far as he can tell. Pocketing about a hundred credits between them, the pair start loading the crates into the shuttle and manage to get half of them in there before a patrol vehicle (locals, not the law) pulls up and orders everyone out and unarmed.

Annie turns on the charm and convinces them that the ship was actually hers – that Reg and she are the only survivors left and that Hugo and Kendra came to help her get things back out for delivery. Yet again, Annie’s assets pay off and the opposing crew actually offer to help load the remaining crates onboard the shuttle (one of them making comments about how it’s a piece of shit and that they should have the stablizers looked into, much to the chagrin of Kendra) before waving good-bye and heading out.

Making it back to the Duchess with a mostly-intact shuttle, the crew leaves Hera to decide their next step.


  1. Bobby Orvis originally gave them the job to find and deliver these goods to Isabelle, a moon off Zeus in the Kalidasa system.
  2. There’s the matter of that distress signal near Three Hills

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